‘You cricketer, don’t come to sniff about Hindu festivals’, unprecedented attack on Virat

Bangla Hunt Desk: Virat Kohli is a personality who not only confines himself to playing cricket but also attends every festival in the country. He sends greetings to the people at every festival. Similarly, before Diwali this year, Indian national cricket team captain Virat Kohli sent a message of congratulations to the people of India.

Every year on this day in India, all the people of India rejoice. Diwali is mainly celebrated as the festival of lights and so on this day every Indian erupts with fireworks and rejoices. However, this time the situation is completely different due to the corona virus. And for that reason, so that the environment is not polluted, the country's top court ordered not to fire on Diwali this time.

And that is why besides wishing the people of the country a happy Diwali, Virat Kohli had appealed to the people of the country not to make any bets on Diwali this time. And then India captain Virat Kohli had to face a sharp attack on social media. Many have written to Virat Kohli, “You are a cricketer. Playing cricket is your job so stay tuned. Don't gossip about unnecessary Hindu festivals. It doesn't suit you and you don't deserve it. ”


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