‘You are a good man, you don't have to believe anything else’, father Mahesh Bhatt's birthday message Aliar

BanglaHunt Desk: Today is September 20, director Mahesh Bhatt's birthday. On that occasion, daughter Alia Bhatt posted a photo with her father on social media and wished him a happy birthday. With that he gave the message to his father, he is a good man. You don't have to believe anyone else's words.

Alia shared two pictures on her Insta handle. A hand-painted sweet picture where a little girl is kissing a lion. The actress also shared a picture of her childhood with her father. Father Mahesh Bhatt is holding little Alia in his arms and looking at her.

The actress wrote in the caption, ‘I have nothing to say today that is too long, too enlightening. Our time this year is not enough to say in a caption. But I will say one thing, some from our favorite pictures. “Look at your heart, you have become much more than what you are, remember who you are, remember.” Happy birthday my Mufasa. You are a good man There is no need to believe in anything else. '

Alia's mother Soni Rajdan also commented on the post. In a tone of affection, he said to the girl, ‘Oh, my Golu. Intelligence and simplicity are the best way to have a conversation. 'However, netizens did not stop trolling this post. One wrote, “Hopefully, he will be behind bars next birthday.”

Alia can't wait to reiterate that she indirectly mocked these troll criticisms by wishing her father a happy birthday. Incidentally, the actress also shared a picture on her Instagram earlier.

In the picture, he is lying on the grass. Wear a gown in a mixture of yellow, orange, blue. Alia is seen in a good mood with a smile. “You may not be able to control everything that happens to you, but it's up to you to control it,” he wrote in the caption.

Some of the netizens think that Alia has indirectly responded to all the anger and criticism of the netizens against the Bhatt family. This is how he replied without naming. However, Alia did not say anything more clear about this.

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