Worship mother Chandi in a special way, good luck will come in your life with both hands

Bangla Hunt Desk: Ma Chandi is one of the most popular folk deities of West Bengal. The greatness of Goddess Chandi is described in the poem Chandimangal between the thirteenth and nineteenth centuries AD. According to Mangalkavya, Goddess Chandi is equal to Kali. Girija is another form of Parvati. This goddess is also worshiped in Assam. Again, the names of many villages in West Bengal are given in imitation of the name of mother Chandi.

Mother Chandi is called the goddess of good fortune. The idols of the goddess Mangalchandi, Sankatmangalchandi, Ranchandi etc. are worshiped in the hope of prosperity, children, victory etc. Olaichandi is also worshiped for the purpose of preventing epidemics and diseases of cattle.
Chandi or Chandika is the highest goddess in the Puranic Devi Mahatmyam. She is also known as Durga Saptashati. The origin of the goddess is explained in detail in the second chapter of the Devi Mahatmyam.

It is said, “After a long battle with the demons, the gods were defeated. At that time Goddess Parvati in the form of Katyayani donated her share to the Devaras. And he told the gods to transform that power into his own. That is to say, the origin of this great goddess is from the bodily energy of the gods. Before taking the female form of this goddess, the power of the gods came together and a great light was created and filled with tens of lights.

The mighty lioness Trinayana is adorned with a crescent moon on her forehead. Many kinds of weapons and ornaments and garlands are found in the hands of the goddess donated by the gods during the time of creation.


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