Worship is done like the daughter of the house, Deblina worships Dhanalakshmi in her own house, said the menu

Bangla Hunt Desk: Actress Devlina Kumar doesn't have time to catch her breath at Kojagari Lakshmi Puja. Dhanalakshmi is worshiped in her own house, as well as in the house of her lover Gourab Chatterjee, the goddess of good fortune is worshiped. Debelina used to attend the pujo of the two houses.

In the midst of all this, the actress arranged all the pujas with her own hands. There was no exception this time as well. After wearing a face mask, he has done everything from making tagore anna to making coconut nadu and preparing pujo. In the meantime, Deblina has also sat in front of the camera of the news media.

This time the style of the Corona situation is a bit less. However, there is a divine arrangement of enjoyment in the worship of Debelina's house. Polao, luchi, nine kinds of fried, gram pulses, cauliflower, cauliflower, spicy bhindi, chutney and payes are the menu. Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped just like the daughter of the house, said Deblina. So snacks are also given with enjoyment.

This time the theme of Pujo is 'Shakha Pala'. Deblina said, mother Lakshmi is seen as the daughter of the house. So light sari was worn, the crown was not worn so as not to feel hot. There is no crowd this year because of Corona. So Debelina is hopeful that she will be able to go to Gaurab's house sooner than usual.

Debelina has also given some updates to the fans on social media in the space of Pujo. He has shown in the video all the episodes of liking the idol, bringing mother Lakshmi home after the mask, making coconut nadu. He also shared pictures of his own house idol and Gaurab's house idol on social media. All those pictures and videos have also gone viral.