Worship Gajanan Ganesha with devotion, the world will be filled with riches and joy

BanglaHunt Desk: Ganapati Bappa Moriya'- Lord Ganesha (Gonesha) who was happy in Laddu but was worshiped before all the gods. Ganpati Baba came first with a small rat carriage. If Siddhidata can satisfy Ganesha but your prosperity will increase, happiness and peace will increase in your home.

Ganesha is one of the most well-known and revered deities in Hinduism. Dev Ganesha, another son of Mahadev Shiva and Mata Durga, is famous for his various characteristics. But Ganesha is best known for his elephant-like head.

Ganesha Tagore is worshiped as a disruptor, patron of art and science, god of intellect and knowledge. Ganesha Tagore is worshiped at the beginning of any good deeds, festivals and ceremonies. Every year before mother Durga comes, her child Ganesha arrives. Like other regions, Ganesh Chaturthi is now celebrated in Kolkata.

The people of Calcutta worshiped the god Ganesha. Everyone serves the deity in the hope of pleasing him. However, if Siddhidata worships Ganesha with the mind, he fulfills the desires of all. So when Ganesha is worshiped with devotion, the Lord raises his hands and blesses him.

Ganesh Tagore but very good to eat again. So it is very easy to please him by worshiping the stomach. Ganesh Thakur is very good at eating laddu and modak. If you make it by hand and offer it to God, whether it is from his shop or not, God will be more pleased with it. But idol worship of Ganesha is common.


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