World record in six months! The viral video caused a stir on social media

viral video: It takes a few years to set a world record. Many spend their entire lives building a world record again. But to everyone's surprise, he set a world record in 6 months. And the video that set the world record, at this moment, caused a stir in Netdunia. The viral video is spreading like wildfire

The state of Utah in the United States holds the world record for the youngest person to do six-month-old infant water skiing. However, there has been intense controversy on social media about being viral online. The video was first posted by the children's parents Casey and Mindy on their Instagram accounts, from where the video went viral.

In the viral video, it is seen that Ekratti is doing water skiing. It is clear from the look on his face that he is enjoying this adventure far from being scared.
However, his father was watching the baby from another boat.

The footage went viral as soon as it was posted on Instagram. The video has been viewed by 7.6 million people so far. However, the controversy over the video is already raging on social media.

Some felt it was inappropriate to take such a risk at this age, which is too short for rich water skiing at the age of six months and four days. Others commented that he was with his father and that it seemed that they had obeyed all the rules of protection so there was no reason to object.

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