Wine instead of oil in the tank of the bike! The smuggling video is wildly viral

BanglaHunt Desk, Viral Video: How many videos go viral every day? But recently a video of smuggling has gone viral which will shock you too The smuggler hid several thousand rupees worth of liquor in the tank of his bike. The video of the police recovering the liquor has recently come to light.

From time to time we hear or read about all the fancy ideas of smuggling in newspapers and other social media. Valuables such as animals, sandalwood, gold and antique statues are sometimes smuggled from one place to another to dust off the eyes of the police. Wine is also on this list In all the states where alcohol is banned in India, alcohol is smuggled out of the sight of the police.

It is known that the incident took place in Gujarat. Like many states in India, alcohol is completely banned there. But even though it is legally banned, we have learned how alcohol is traded illegally by watching Shah Rukh Khan's movie 'Rise'. It was there that such a fancy way of smuggling alcohol was caught.

As seen in the video, police are recovering several bottles of liquor from a Hero Passion bike. The tank of the bike has been moved in a fancy way under the driver's seat. And several bottles of liquor have been filled in the place of the tank. The video was posted on social media and caused a stir. There is no doubt that this way of running wine is innovative

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