Will Britain hand over silent Modi to India? The final decision will be taken tomorrow

Bangla Hunt Desk: The hearing in the extradition case of fugitive diamond trader Nirav Modi, accused of fraud and financial embezzlement, is expected to reach its final stage on Tuesday. The case is being heard in Westminster Court, UK. Earlier, Modi's bail application was rejected for the seventh time.

The 49-year-old silent Modi is fighting for extradition to the Westminster court in Britain in a nearly প্রায় 2 billion embezzlement case from the Punjab National Bank. He is currently being held in a London jail and his case will be heard via video conference on Tuesday.

During the hearing, District Judge Samuel Goose will hear arguments on behalf of the silent defense against the evidence provided by India's investigating agency, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Director of Enforcement (ED) to establish the Prime Face case. The CBR and ED have given evidence in court against Nirber.

Silent is facing criminal proceedings in two cases, one for fraud from PNB to CBI and the other to ED for money laundering. Two additional cases have been filed against him for threatening witnesses to destroy silent evidence.

Tuesday's hearing in the extradition case will be based on two previous hearings. The first hearing was held in May and the second hearing was held in December last year. During the second hearing, the CPS tried to determine Modi's forgery and played several videos in court to determine additional allegations.

The hearing on Tuesday will be based on the evidence submitted by the Indian government against the silence. In this regard, the silent defense team said that this evidence does not meet the standard of consent recognition in UK courts. The deteriorating condition of Indian prisons has also been raised.