Wild card entry in the house of the big boss Riya Chakraborty! Know the real truth

Rhea Chakroborthy's wild card entry in Bigg Boss 14 starring Salman Khan is currently the talk of the town. Riya is currently out of jail on bail in a drug case. It is reported that this action is being taken to recover the damaged rear image. Rhea, who is also financially distressed, is also rumored to be one of the reasons for her move to Big Bis. But will Riya Chakraborty be able to enter the house of Bigg Boss at all? Find out the real truth

On the other hand, TV actor Suraj Kakkar has claimed that the rear entrance should be big to know the truth about Sushant and Riya's life. Suraj said that Bigg Boss has a camera in his room. Which keeps an eye on the contestants 24 hours a day. If Riya takes part in this reality show, people like viewers will know what Riya Chakraborty really is. Various secret information about Sushant will be revealed.

Rear participation is very difficult this season for the Big Boss. Sushant's murder case is not over yet. There is also a drug case against Rear. In such a situation, it is not possible for Rear to be a part of any reality show right now.

Besides, Sushant's fans are very angry with Riya through social media. In such a situation, bringing Riya to the Bigg Boss show can be very bad for the producers of the show. The netizens have repeatedly called for a boycott of the show on several controversial issues. Then if Rhea actually boycotts the show, the producers will face huge financial loss.