Why there is no one in front of mother Durga during Sandhi Pujo! Learn the story told in the Puranas

BanglaHunt Desk: The word treaty means reconciliation. We all know that Mother Durga did not need any treaty in her long struggle of killing demons for 9 days and 9 nights. But find out why we do Sandhi Puja on the eighth day of Durga Puja) I do.

In fact, the treaty is not about war, but about time. The last 24 minutes of the eighth day and the first 24 minutes of the ninth day are a total of 48 minutes.

Date of Sandhi Pujo- This year, it will start at 10:58:59 on Saturday, October 24 and end at 11:48:29 on Saturday.

In order to describe the greatness of Sandhipujo, it is known from a description in the Puranas that at this juncture, mother Kalika was born from the trinity of Goddess Ambika. It is also heard that at this time Goddess Kalika drank all the blood from the blood of the mighty demon. As a result, at this juncture, even if only for a moment, all the affection in the heart of the goddess ends. That is why no one is allowed to go in front of the mother's eyes during Sandhipujo. The vision is instructed to be kept clean.

Sacrifice is done in the last 24 minutes of Sandhipujo. Usually goats as well as sugarcane, banana, rice, etc. are sacrificed in some places.

It is heard that one can get rid of yamdukh by becoming austere and conciliating with fasting with devotion and devotion. In other words, at the time of death, to get the mother's grace, one can be protected from the touch of yam in the neighborhood. Again, it is said that the fruit obtained by all those who complete the puja with devotion and devotion is equal to the fruit of the puja throughout the year.

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