Why did Goddess Durga become a Muslim? Nusrat Jahan gave a strong answer to the question

Trinamool (TMC) MP Nusrat Jahan was angry with the extremists who pretended to be Goddess Durga in the mahalaya. As Durga became a non-Hindu, she had to be slandered on social media. This time Nusrat opened up about this. Saf said he was a man. That is his identity.

Nusrat tweeted on his official Twitter handle. He wrote clearly, ‘I am a rich man, that is my identity.’ This tweet of the actress MP is going viral on Netdunia.

Actress and Trinamool MP Nusrat Jahan was caught as Mahishasurmardini in the mahalaya. He greeted the fans of the mahalaya.

Nusrat grabbed a trident in his hand, a branch, a sari in his attire. Sometimes her vision is soft, motherly. The Trinamool MP of Basirhat appeared on this day in the form of Durga, the source of anger and destruction of the wicked. Mahalaya greeted everyone.

And as soon as that photoshoot and video came out, the extremists became rampant. Why did you join the Hindu festival as a non-Hindu? Take the trident in hand and how is the competition? Even the goddess Durga, who is different, does not like Nusrat at all. There are many such comments.

However, the coin also has the reverse side. On the one hand, just as one arrow of criticism has flown towards Nusrat, so too many have stood by him and raised their voices against the satire. Appreciating Nusrat's form, they said that she was adapted to the form of Durga.

Nusrat Jahan shared several pictures and videos. He is doing his job without paying attention to criticism. Earlier, the MP actress shared some photoshoots on her Insta handle.


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