Why are you silent about the Faridabad incident? Intense attack of Bollywood stars Kangna

Kangana Ranaut (kangana ranawat) was already vocal in the murder of college student Nikita Tomar in Faridabad due to love jihad. This time he has fired at the infamous Bollywood stars. The actress has thrown the question in Bollywood as to why no one even uttered a word in the case of Nikita Tomar's murder.

Kangana Ranaut, one of Bollywood's heavyweights, wrote on Twitter, “All of them should be jailed for lying and picking up activism.” They have caused huge losses in the way of women empowerment. A jihadi shot and killed Nikita in broad daylight, why are their mouths shut at this time? '

Earlier, Kangana wrote on her Twitter handle protesting the infernal incident, saying, “The whole world is in turmoil over the incident in France. Yet these jihadists have no shame or fear of the law. A female student was shot dead outside her college in broad daylight for refusing to convert to Islam. Action should be taken immediately. '

Not only that, comparing the slain Nikita with Rani Lakshmibai, the actress wrote, ‘Nikita’s heroism is no less than that of Rani Lakshmibai and Padmavati. The jihadi killer kept an eye on him, constantly teasing him. If he wanted to live, he would have surrendered, but he chose to die. Goddess Nikita is a symbol of dignity and pride of every Hindu woman. '

Incidentally, a female student was shot dead in public outside a college in Faridabad during the day. It is known that this terrible incident happened due to profit jihad. The student named Nikita Tomar refused to marry a young man named Tousif. After that, Tousif shot the student in the open and fled.