‘Who will take responsibility for the insulin of the daughter of those who eat rice and pulses at home?’ Nusrat speaks out against Amit Shah

Bengali Hunt Desk: Nusrat Jahan, a Trinamool MP and actress, has been cast in a battle against Amit Shah. The Trinamool MP actress has been opposing Home Minister Amit Shah's two-day visit to Bengal from the very beginning.
On the day of Amit Shah's return on Friday, at a meeting in Hingalganj, Nusrat again hurled insults at the BJP leader.

Amit Shah had lunch at two houses on the two days of his Bengali tour. On the first day he was a guest in an indigenous family and on the second day in the house of a Matua family. Raising that issue, Nusrat's tough question, “Better than my photo set. Ellen, ate rice, pulses, fried potatoes, gave interviews, left. Who will take care of the insulin of the 16-year-old girl of the family where she plays? ”

On the day of Amit Shah's procession last year, Nusrat also raised the issue of violence at Vidyasagar College and breaking the idol of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar. In his words, “Last year he broke the idol of Vidyasagar and this time he put a garland on one of the idols called Birsa Munda.”

Recently, the MP actress wrote on her Twitter handle mocking Amit Shah as a 'liar', 'I can see the word liar. And I only remember the shameless lies that Amit Shah has fooled the people of this country. The people of Bengal will never forget your campaign. 'He also wrote with the hashtag, anti-Bengali Amit Shah.

This time too Nusrat's speech, Amit Shah just said 'Bhat'. For this reason he should apologize to his tax collector. The people of Bengal will not accept all these stunts. Incidentally, Amit Shah returned to Delhi after completing his Bengali tour on Friday.