What is the Saturn phase of Saturn? Learn how the effects of this phase can ruin people's lives

Banglahant Desk: Shani Sati (Shani dev) Sade Sati is going on in your life! Many people are emotionally disturbed when they hear this. Everyone wants to please Shani Dev. As the saying goes, once Saturn's gaze falls on someone, darkness descends on his life. But on top of that, if Saturn's Saturn phase goes on in a person's life again, then that person becomes more mentally weak.

Saturn's seven-and-a-half phase, that is, these seven-and-a-half years of life, causes physical, mental and economic upheaval. Even the physical condition of the elderly in the home deteriorates. Saturn's Saturn phase at this time is tomorrow – Saturn's birth at the time of the twelfth, first and second house of the Moon.

It takes a total of seven and a half years to cross these 3 signs of Saturn in human life. Because, according to the rules of the zodiac, it takes two and a half years to cross a single sign of Saturn. The effects of Saturn's Saturn phase are usually observed in childhood, adolescence and old age.

Due to this Sati phase of the first episode, there is a crisis in the education of the individual. At the same time, he hurts his parents unknowingly.

In the second phase, this half-sati phase puts people in financial crisis. Complications occur in the workplace. It also affects love, affection and marital life. Above all, the peace of the family is ruined.

In the last episode, due to the effect of this Sati Dasha, the days of extreme hardship in life come closer. The health of the person's body begins to deteriorate. Even the elders of the family may die.

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