Weather News: Winter disappears from Bengal due to low pressure in Bay of Bengal, find out when it will be cold again in the state

According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, the people of Kolkata started experiencing mild winter from the beginning of November this year. The temperature dropped to 15 degrees Celsius towards the district. Somewhere again the temperature dropped to 14 degrees Celsius.

The people of the district have already started wearing warm clothes. Even in Kolkata, the mood of winter is clear in the morning and at night. As the day progressed, the water vapor in the air increased and the winter disappeared.

Although the meteorological department had said that winter would come to the state before Diwali, this time the low pressure was going to stand in the way of winter. The weather office said the temperature would rise slightly in the next 48 hours. The sky will be cloudy.

The mountains are already covered with ice. The temperature will rise in South Bengal even if the winter in North Bengal increases as the formation of the Bay of Bengal is expected to be hampered by a weak low pressure.


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