Watch the video! The port of Beirut trembled again! The devastating fire spread all around

Bangla Hunt Desk: As seen in the video (Viral Video), another terrible fire broke out in Beirut port of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, on Thursday. This is the second major accident in 30 days at the port of Beirut. Due to the fire, huge smoke started rising in the port. Although no casualties have been reported so far. Army officials said the fire was caused by oil and tire fire in the warehouse. The mountain of smoke reminds locals of what happened a month ago.

Notably, on August 4, a terrible explosion took place in the Lebanese capital. The eruption shook the whole world. The epicenter was reported below the Beirut port, however; no tsunami alert was issued. The blast killed at least 190 people. And more than two thousand people were injured. All lawmakers resigned after the biggest accident in Lebanon's history.

The Lebanese military said in a statement that 25 containers of hydrochloric acid had been found at the scene between August 14 and 22, as well as 54 more containers containing other chemicals. The blast was caused by the release of chemicals in them.

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