‘Vote for lotus flowers from Yadav area?’ One family was beaten by RJD goons

Bangla Hunt Desk: The second phase of the election process was completed in Bihar on Tuesday, November 3. In this situation, a video has come out from Bihar which has caused a stir in the political arena. Where allegations have been made, RJD (Rashtriya Janata Dal) thugs have beaten up a family member for voting for the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party).

Published video content

The incident took place in Fatuha district of Bihar. As seen in the video, a man named Kabindra Mahato says his family members were beaten because they voted for him. The video was shared on social media by JDU leader Sanjay Kumar Jha. “Efforts to bring back Jangal Raj to Bihar will never succeed,” he wrote.

Alleged beating for voting for BJP

Ankur Singh, a Twitter user, shared the video, alleging that RJD goons attacked Kabindra Mahato and his family in Bihar's Fatuha district. Kabindra insulted Mahato's family members. Because they voted for BJP not RJD.

Ankur Singh further wrote in his tweet, “Tejaswir goons have told them, 'Will you vote for Padmaphule from Yadav's area?' Then think about where RJD's position in Bihar stands.”

Incidentally, the first round of voting in Bihar was completed on Wednesday, October 26. The second round of voting has been completed on November 3 and the third round of voting is going to be held on Saturday, November 8.