Vocal for Local: Delicious biscuits made with bamboo, launched by Biplob Dev

BanglaHunt Desk: Although many people are familiar with giving and eating bamboo, many people are not familiar with bamboo biscuits. Although the bamboo thing is hard, it has a soft part in it. Although bamboo is used for various purposes, this time Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb launched the soft and young part of the bamboo in front of everyone as edible. Delicious biscuits are made from bamboo.

Bamboo biscuits are made

Radish bamboo has many nutritional properties. Even among the tribals, the soft soft part of this radish bamboo is eaten. Keeping in mind the nutritional value of this young part of the radish bamboo, the Bamboo and Cane Development Institute of Agartala made edible cookies and put them on the shelf.

Bamboo has many qualities

The soft part of bamboo contains protein and vitamins. It also contains less fat. Bamboo also contains moderate amounts of dietary fiber. So this time delicious cookies were made by making biscuits with that bamboo. This fancy biscuit is made by mixing flour with the soft part of radish bamboo.

The Chief Minister launched

Kant, the head of the Bamboo and Cane Development Institute in Agartala, said that the radish in the bamboo is quite sweet to eat. So cookies are made with the soft part of this bamboo. Last Friday, Tripura Chief Minister Biplob Deb launched this new type of bamboo biscuit after eating it himself. This new type of food was launched using Vocal for Local initiative.

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