Virat's secret superstition went public, he said in his own words

Bangla Hunt Desk: There are different pacer players from different countries. And some of these players remain a superstition. Some express it, some keep it in their heart. Superstitions are inextricably linked with the players. Many have superstitions in jerseys, many in shoes, many in various sports kits. There are a lot of big players who have superstitions. One such person is India captain Virat Kohli. Like other players, Virat Kohli also has a funny superstition.

India captain Virat Kohli took part in a chat show organized by an advertising agency. Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola was chatting with Virat Kohli. And in the middle of this chat, Virat Kohli sat down and talked about his funny superstitions. So far it has been kept secret but this time it has been made public.

“I wear white shoes most of the time during cricket matches,” Kohli said. Especially when batting, while batting, I can always be seen wearing white shoes. Whether it is international cricket or domestic cricket or any cricket match in IPL, I bat in white shoes. This is one of my superstitions.

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