Viral video of young woman dancing on stage in salwal kameez

viral video: Thousands of videos go viral on Netdunia every day. Just as viral videos give us unadulterated pleasure, some videos also make us cry. Many videos also entertain us. One such video has recently gone viral from Haryana.

The viral video is from a live program in Haryana. A young woman is seen dancing on the stage with the singer's song. However, the young woman was the center of attraction of the audience, not the singer. Wearing red salwal kameez. With red veil. He was seen dancing to a Haryanvi song on the stage. The entertainment that the audience is getting with her dance style becomes clear in their eyes.

It is known that the girl's name is Manvi Bharadwaj Manvi is a famous dancer from Haryana. Her dance videos have been well-liked on YouTube. In such a situation, a great dance video of Manvi is going viral on YouTube. In the video, Manvi is seen showing amazing hang-ups in the Haryanvi song 'Zero Figure'.

After the video of this dance was posted on social media YouTube, it went viral on Netpara. View 8 overflows like other videos This video has already been watched by more than 245,000 people. The comment box is full of various comments.