Viral video: Modern music with Buddha's hymns, this DJ Buddhist monk is shaking the net world

BanglaHunt Desk, Viral Video: You must be shocked to hear that the words DJ and Sannyasi are being used together in the case of the same person. More surprises are waiting for you in the mix of hymns and modern beatboxing in the recently viral video. Yesetu Akasaka, a Japanese Buddhist monk, is currently the subject of interest in the net world due to the connection between two seemingly opposite worlds.

Yesetu has matched the tune of modern music beatboxing, the hymn of the breathless Buddha that has caused a stir on social media all over the net world. More than 9 lakh people have already watched this exceptional YouTube video.

Yesetu is not new to the world of music. He has been involved in this industry for about 15 years. In 2009 he bought a loop station. And since then he has gifted several different religious music audiences. This popularity has further increased in Lockdown. At the moment, he has become a sensation in the net world.

Yesetu, 38, said many people think Buddhism is for those who have already given up on life. Although that is not true. If his music attracts young people, they will probably be interested in this religion.

“Even before I became a monk, I used to play music at my loop station,” he told AFP. I wanted to make music after finishing the traditional education of becoming a monk from a monastery. At that time I thought that the Buddha's hymns and teachings should be associated with music and conveyed to the common people.


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