Urine is being mixed in Fuchka, the crowd broke the shop holding hands in the viral video

It's a burden to find people who don't like to eat phukka. Fuchkawala's popularity has not diminished, despite repeated allegations against him for not maintaining cleanliness. But this time a serious allegation was made against Fuchkawala. The viral video clearly shows Fuchka selling tamarind mixed with urine in water.

The incident took place in Kolapur, Maharashtra. There have been serious allegations against one Fuchkawala. It is learned that he used to sell phukka regularly on the banks of Rankala Lake in Kolhapur. He was very popular in that area. There was a long line every day in his shop to eat phuchka. Customers are stunned to see his fame.

The video went viral and caused a stir among the customers. The excited crowd became very angry. Ordinary people vandalized the car and threw all the blows on the road. Such incidents have taken place in Mumbai before. In the context of which the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena started the movement. More than 300 flea shops were demolished.

In 2016, a Fuchkawala from Gujarat was caught selling a mixture of bathroom cleaning chemicals in Gujarat. He was jailed for 6 months.