UK High Commission statement on Vijay Malia's extradition to India!

Bengali Hunt Desk: The British High Court on Wednesday rejected the plea of ​​Vijay Mallya, a liquor dealer and owner of Kingfisher Airlines. After the shock from the High Court, it was hoped that Malia would be brought back to India in a few days. Because this time he has no other legal option.

However, the British High Commission on Vijay Malia's extradition said legal issues remained unresolved. And after this statement of the British High Commission, there was a big break in the hope of bringing Vijay Malia back to India.

The London High Court has denied Vijay Malia permission to appeal to the Supreme Court against his extradition to India. Last month, the UK High Court dismissed an appeal against the extradition of Vijay Malia. Vijay Malia then had 14 days to file a petition seeking permission to file an application in the Supreme Court.

The London High Court announced the verdict on April 20 last month. The High Court had said in the order that Vijay Malia had cheated with Indian banks and should be extradited to India. At the time, the Malia Lower Court challenged the extradition order of the Westminster Magistrates' Court in the High Court. But there Malia suffered a major setback.

Some media reports yesterday said that Malia may be brought to the country soon. But this time the statement of the British High Commission dashed that hope.