Twinkle unveils Akshay's pants in front of everyone, star couple arrested for 'obscenity'

BanglaHunt Desk: Not only in movies, but also in real life, the same ‘Dare Devil’ Akshay Kumar (akshay kumar). But he also faced a work-related controversy. He was even arrested along with his wife Twinkle Khanna.

Salta 2009. Akshay went to the famous Lakme fashion show to promote a popular jeans brand. He became a show stopper. Akshay walked the ramp after wearing the jeans of that brand. He also posed in front of the camera. According to the script, one model would unbutton her jeans.

So far everything was going well. But Akshay did not do so and went straight to his wife Twinkle Khanna sitting in the front row. He brought his hand towards the button of the jeans. Realizing Akshay's motives, Twinkle at first removed his hand in shame. But after a while he did as he was told. Akshay unbuttoned his jeans with one pull.

That picture was widely circulated on social media. The audience also applauded after seeing the actions of the two. However, not everyone digested the matter properly. Some people did not openly accept such 'obscenity'. The matter is naturally debated. The controversy escalated to the point where Akshay and Twinkle had to be arrested.

Akshay Kumar, his wife Twinkle Khanna and the show's organizers were charged under Section 294 of the Indian Penal Code. The allegation was made publicly by a social worker for 'obscenity'. Of course, they got bail immediately. But for Akshay and Twinkle, it is undoubtedly a shame.

Incidentally, the release of two of Akshay's films in the Corona situation has been delayed. He will be seen in Suryavanshi and Lakshmi Bombay. It is learned that 'Suryavanshi' is going to be released on Diwali this year. The film was supposed to be released in March. But the release of the film was delayed due to lockdown and closure of the theater. However, it is rumored that the film will be released in theaters on Diwali. On the other hand, Lakshmi Bomb will be released on OTT platform in November.

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