Twice a year the whole area is covered in fish rain! Find out where it happens

Fish rain! I must be surprised to hear that But this is really the case in the world. Thousands of fish have come down from the sky in this area for more than 200 years. Why and how this fish rains? Even today science has not been able to give any correct explanation. Let's not know about this mysterious area

In the Euro area of ​​Honduras in Central America, the rain of this fish can be observed twice a year. Every year from May to June, thousands of fish come down from the sky with heavy rainstorms. Surprisingly, this area is not located on the beach at all. Rather, this area is quite far from the sea.

Not one or two so many fish fell in this area at once that the whole area including the road was covered with fish. However, most of the fish that fell from the sky are dead. Along with fish, animals like snakes, frogs and spiders fall from the sky.

Although science has not yet been able to explain the exact cause of this phenomenon, there is a myth involved in this phenomenon. Rumors, 1857-184 A Catholic monk here in the year he appealed to the Almighty for food for the starving people. Since then, this fish has been raining every year as a rule.

People in this area can predict this rain only when they see clouds. It is said that the fish flew from the Atlantic Ocean 200 km away. It is locally called Lubia de Pace.