Tweeted greetings to East Bengal on the occasion of the centenary of the Prime Minister and Chief Minister, exuberant red-yellow supporters.

East Bengal is one of the leading football clubs in Kolkata. East Bengal Club officials had earlier said that there would be no pomp in East Bengal's centenary celebrations due to the Corona situation across the country. They made the decision with the health of the general public and their supporters in mind.

Yet on the centenary day in East Bengal, several East Bengal supporters were seen crowding in front of the club tent with flags. However, the East Bengal officials are reluctant to give a damn about it. State Sports Minister Arup Biswas inaugurated the program by hoisting the flag on this day.

Chief Minister of the State Hon'ble Mamata Banerjee and Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi greeted the East Bengal Club and its supporters on the occasion of the centenary of East Bengal. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee tweeted, “Congratulations to East Bengal and their supporters on completing 100 years. Your glorious tradition is an example to football clubs around the world. ”
Congratulating the East Bengal Club, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote, “Happy centenary to the various generations of footballers, members and supporters who have been associated with the East Bengal Club for a long time. This is a milestone in the history of Indian sports, let your torch burn like this. ”


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