Turtle and dog football match, who won! Tumul Viral Sweet Video

BanglaHunt Desk, Viral Video: How many videos go viral every day? Videos that go viral are sometimes funny, sometimes thought provoking. By behaving like human beings, animals always give pleasure to human beings, all those feats also go viral. Recently, a sweet video of a tortoise and a dog went viral, which fascinated the net world.

The viral video shows a tortoise playing football with a dog. At the beginning of the clip, the tortoise pushes the football with his head and starts playing, jumping around the excited dog. But within a few moments the dog gets the ball, it starts to play and the tortoise walks around it.

The video, which went viral after being posted on social media, has already been viewed by 143,000 netizens. The flood of like comments has flowed. One netizen commented, “This is the fastest tortoise I've ever seen.”

Not long ago, a video of a basketball match between two rats went viral on social media. As seen in the viral video, a small basketball court. Two small baskets on either side. Two rats competed to put the ball in those two baskets. An obstacle has been placed in the middle of the court to make the game more interesting. Which rats have to go to the top.

The video shows the extreme collision of two rats in a basketball competition. Some are reluctant to give up any land. If you can throw the ball in the right basket, you will get a piece of food. However, the white rat will look at the whole video again and again He has repeatedly thrown the ball in the right basket with concentration. However, the black rat has repeatedly lost attention. Sometimes he ran off the court towards the trainer or melted the ball in the wrong basket.

The video went viral after being posted on social media. Already about 4 million net people have liked this basketball competition of rats. About 6,000 net people have commented on social media. About 5 million netizens have seen it. Take a look at this viral video

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