‘Trying to discredit me’, finally Mukesh Khanna opened his mouth with a viral video

BanglaHunt Desk: Veteran actor Mukesh Khanna has recently come under fire for his controversial remarks about women. #MeToo is when women go out to work or want to be on par with men. That is what the actor said.

This time, Mukesh Khanna has become vocal again after facing a lot of criticism on social media. His claim is that his statement is being misrepresented. Sharing a video on Instagram, Mukesh Khanna wrote, ‘I am not against women working. Amy is trying to discredit me by spreading some parts of the interview. I did not say the words in the way it is being shown. You can understand it by watching the whole interview. '

In the words of the actor, ‘I am shocked by the way Aamir’s speech has been misrepresented. Being told I am anti-woman. But very few people have the respect that I have for women. I have spoken out against every rape case. I am concerned about the safety of women. “

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I am really surprised that one of my statements is being taken in a very wrong way. I am being told against women. Hardly anyone respects women as much as I do. That's why I opposed the name LAXMI BOMB. I am concerned about the safety of women. I have spoken against every rape scandal. Some people have made noise regarding the clipping of one of my interviews. I never said women shouldn’t work. I was just going to tell you how Me Too starts. In our country, women have made their place in every field. Then, whether he is the Defense Minister, Finance Minister, External Affairs Minister or in space, women have waved their flag everywhere. So how can I be against women's work. In that video interview, I was highlighting the problems that can come from just going out and working with a woman. Like the children of the house fall alone. I was talking about male and female religions that have been going on for thousands of years. I did not say that if a woman goes out, then Me Too happens. I made a video on this topic a year ago which I want to show you that even then I said how women should protect themselves in their work place. I did not even then say that women should not go to work. So how can I say today. This is what I want to say to all my friends, don't misrepresent my statement. My last forty years, my film journey confirms that I have always respected women. Every actor or member of every film unit knows that I have always respected everyone. If any woman is hurt by this statement of mine, then I am sorry that I could not put my point correctly. I am not worried that women's society will turn against me. They shouldn't be either. My life is an open book. Everyone knows how I have lived and how I am living. I want to show you the whole of my interview from which this clipping has been taken. You will know what I think of women.

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Incidentally, a video recently went viral on social media. In an interview there, Mukesh Khanna was heard to say, ‘Men are different, women are different. Women's work is to manage the house, to do housework. This #MeToo started when women started working too. They want to be equal to men. But that is not possible. The biggest problem is the children at home who do not take care of their mother. '

This video of the actor has caused a storm of criticism in Netdunia. The netizens are harshly criticizing the actor for his comments and attitude. One writes, this will be the case if you keep the old-fashioned meditation ideas.

Another wrote that according to him, if women go out for work, men can sexually abuse them. She is sick. Should be ashamed. Another quipped that he probably didn't find a suitable woman.

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