Trump and Biden clash, what if the fight is equal? Learn.

Bangla Hunt Desk: Voting for the US Election has ended. This time the counting of votes is going on. According to preliminary figures and updates so far, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is leading. And President Donald Trump is a little behind. Not just America, the whole world is watching the outcome of the American election.

Let me tell you, I want 260 electoral votes to win the presidential election in America. The total number of electoral votes in the whole country is 536. However, this time most of the votes have been cast by mail-in, which is why preliminary statistics and final results can be seen very differently.

According to the statistics available so far, there is a fierce tussle between Biden and Trump. And now it is feared that in the end, the fight could be even, as both parties are leading in several states. If the electoral vote is stuck at 279-269, then all eyes will be on the US Senate.

The House of Representatives will first elect the Vice President. The Senate will then elect the President by ballot. But this process can take time and you may have to wait until December for full results.