Tomorrow, brother, know the rules and regulations of this program before him

BanglaHunt Desk: Two days after Kali Pujo, Bhai Dooj festival is celebrated with the good wishes of Bhai. This period is also commonly called ‘Yam II’ or ‘Brother II’. Vaifonta is the symbol of holy love of brothers and sisters. For which thousands of brothers and sisters are waiting every year like thirsty people.

Tomorrow is the second brother. Like every year, the happy date of Vaifonta festival will come again. However, this time the day of giving drops to the brother will be celebrated in accordance with some rules and regulations. Let's get to know some of the customs of Brother II.

Bhai Dooj is one of the best festivals in Hinduism. On this day the sisters apply oil on their brother's forehead and advise him to take a bath. Incidentally, bathing in the river Jamuna is considered to be very auspicious on this day. After bathing, both brothers and sisters put on new clothes. Wishing the brother longevity, the sisters fast on this day. Besides, the brothers also fast on this day.

The sister then makes a mixture by mixing yogurt mixed with sandalwood water. The sister puts this mixture on her brother's forehead with the help of her little finger and says a mantra three times. The mantra is-

I put a drop on my brother's forehead, a thorn fell on the door of the yam.
Jamuna gives drops to Yam, I give drops to my brother.
Yam became immortal by eating the drop in Jamuna's hand.
May my brother be immortal by eating the drop in my hand.

In addition to reciting the mantra, the sisters complete the ritual by placing paddy, durba grass, etc. on the brother's head and giving him water and sweets. Then the brothers give different gifts to the sisters.