Today is Mahasaptami, see Pujo's schedule in the rainy morning, find out the rules of the new magazine

Bangla Hunt Desk: Today, Maha saptami, Durga puja, the best festival of Bengalis is going on in Corona. Everyone is happy with Pujo, accepting the social distance. From the pujo of the house to the public, the whole of Bengal has been transformed by the sound of drums and the light of light.

Date- This year's Mahasaptami Tithi is starting on Thursday 22nd October at 1 pm 11 minutes 59 seconds. The date ends on the next day, Friday 23rd October at 11:00 AM at 57 minutes and 6 seconds.

According to the Puranas, the main crop of agriculture in Shyamla Banga society is called Pujo of Nab Patrika. This new magazine is known as 'Kalabu'. It is believed that the Navapatrika is made up of nine tree parts according to the nine forms of Navadurga.

These nine special trees are- Banana tree, kachu tree, turmeric tree, mana tree, jubilee tree, bell tree, pomegranate tree, ashoka tree and paddy tree.

It is considered very auspicious to place the new paper on the date of Maha Saptami. The bathing journey is completed in a fallen water body or pond in the Ganges. Ingredients required for bathing in Newspaper are- Oil, Turmeric, Pancharatna water, Panchasya, Shishir, Pancha Amrita, Ashtakalas, Pancha Gavya, Pancha Kasaya, Sea water, Pilgrim water, Sugarcane juice, Coconut water Herbal medicine, sandalwood. After completing the bathing journey with all the materials, the new paper is placed next to Siddhidata Ganesha.