This teacher earns 30 lakh rupees by doing agriculture in his spare time

India has been dependent on agriculture since ancient times. Recently, many young people have left their jobs and come to farming. Amarendra Pratap Singh, a teacher at a government school in Daulatpur village in Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh, started farming in retirement. Today, his annual income is 30 lakh rupees.

Amarendra said that in 2014, he decided to farm 30 acres of his family land during the school holidays. Learned modern methods of farming through YouTube and online tutorials. He decided to grow bananas on one acre of land. Gradually he grew many more crops. He also cultivates turmeric, ginger and cauliflower. He also made the land fertile. He said he earns a lot from turmeric.

Although at first he suffered a lot in agriculture, this teacher learned a lot from that loss. At the moment he has leased 20 acres in addition to his 30 acres of ancestral land and he has recently bought another 10 acres. On this farm he cultivates coriander, garlic and maize. He has made so much profit in agriculture that he has traded a total of one crore rupees in one year. Of which he has earned about 30 lakh rupees.

Although he has not left his job yet, his main source of income at the moment is agriculture. This teacher is teaching modern agriculture to the farmers next to him. About 350 farmers are associated with it at the moment

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