This popular actor is unmarried even in his fifties, after so many years, Tabbu detonated the bomb!

BanglaHunt Desk: Popular Bollywood actress Tabu has been studying for fifty years. Although he has been in the industry for a long time, he is sometimes seen in the current film as well. And in the same way he impressed the audience with his acting style. He has acted in the same way in mainstream films as well as in different genres.

However, Tabu is still unmarried even though he is in his fifties. There is no lover. The actress blames one of the most popular Bollywood actors for her condition. He is none other than Ajay Devgan himself. Tabu is still unmarried because of Ajay's birth.

Tabu admitted this in his own words when he came to the promotion of the film 'De De Peer De'. Speaking about this, the actress said that earlier her cousins ​​Sameer Arya and Ajay were very careful about the actress. He would not let any boy come to him. They even threatened to beat up a boy if he showed interest.

In an interview with a news outlet, Tabu said that he and Ajay grew up at the same time in Juhu, Mumbai. Ajay was a friend of the actress' grandfather. “Samir and Ajay used to keep an eye on me. Whenever I saw a boy talking to me, I was afraid to kill him. The reason I am unmarried today is Ajay. I hope he will regret it now. ”

Tabu also said that he had asked Ajay to find his son. However, the foundation of the relationship between the two is getting stronger as the days go by. Such is the speech of the actress. Even among all the actors, he can believe Ajay with his eyes closed, said Tabu.

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