This picture of the viral Mia Khalifa, the tattoo of the secret place of the body in public

BanglaHunt Desk: It has been a long time since Mia Khalifa left the world of porn. I want to get married and start a family. So he has gradually withdrawn from the world of blue film. He once ruled the porn world with power. Mia got a special popularity for acting after hijab.
However, his popularity has not waned yet. Or it can be said that he did not read. On the one hand, just as the news of his marriage flooded the net world, his fans were shocked to hear that he was quitting acting in the blue film. Although she did not say anything about the preparations for the wedding, Mia understood the minds of the fans. That's why he occasionally shares his various pictures and videos on social media. They are also viral.

However, Mia said that she is not leaving modeling now even though she has left the world of blue film. Peeking at his Instagram handle is proof of that. From time to time he shared various photoshoots for his fans. Mia's figure and fitness are the envy of many.

Mia often shares new photos and videos for fans on social media. He also has to work hard to keep a beautiful figure. Mia had earlier said that she spends a lot of time and effort behind the gym and exercise. He has shared a lot of bodybuilding videos on the lockdown.

But this time not the video, Mia has shared a new picture. In the picture, Mia has tattoos on different parts of her body. He has tattoos on his arms as well as on his wrists and elbows. In the caption, Mia said that some of the abs on her waist had gone away during the plastic surgery on her nose.

Incidentally, Mia recently underwent plastic surgery on her nose. He also shared some pictures and videos with the fans. Mia also posted pictures of lunch with friends.


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