This marine animal that looks like a piece of wood costs 48 lakh rupees! Violent viral video

Viral video: The video of this creature like a piece of wood floating in the sea is very viral at the moment. A man named Martin Green from Britain recently discovered the animal. Later he came to know that its price is more or less 48 lakh rupees (in Indian currency).

The 48-year-old and his family went for a walk on Cornerphone beach in North Wales. There he saw a piece of wood floating in the sea. Apparently it looked like a piece of wood, but when he approached, he saw that it was a kind of colony of marine life.

He posted pictures and videos of this animal on social media. Photos and videos go viral as soon as they are posted. He told the media that his wife was the first to see the colony.

Green later found out on the internet that these animals are a kind of barnacle. Which is popular in Spain and Portugal as well as selling at high prices. A barnacle sells there for about পা 25. There were more than two thousand barnacles in that colony. In all, this Bernacle swarm can cost around হাজার 50,000. That is about 48 lakh rupees in Indian currency.

Green, however, did not say exactly where the Bernacle shots were on the beach. He fears that if this information is published, some people will take advantage of it.


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