This country is showing the way to the world, if you rape, you will be made impotent

Bnagla Hunt Desk: The only punishment for a rapist is the death penalty or eunuch, says Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan. But in the meantime, if he is hanged in public again, Pakistan may be deprived of the business benefits of the European Union under the GSP. That is why the Pak government is thinking of implementing the decision to make it impotent.

The punishment of the rapist is impotent

Nigeria implemented this idea of ​​the Pak government before him. Nigeria's Kaduna state government has passed the law because of the unusual rate of rape in the African country between January and May. Earlier, the maximum punishment for rape in Kaduna was life imprisonment. But this week the new law has been implemented instead.

The new law is going to be effective

The previous law stated that if a man raped an adult girl, he would be sentenced to 21 years in prison. In the case of children, there was the death penalty. However, the new law also stipulates the death penalty for child rape. In addition, in the case of rape of a person under the age of 14, the accused is sentenced to death even if convicted. New additions have been made, in other cases rapists will be surgically castrated.

According to Nasir Ahmed Al Rifai, the governor of Kaduna, the new law is expected to protect children from rape. Such punishment was needed, there is no alternative. In the last five months, more than 600 rape allegations have been lodged, and the Kaduna state government has passed the new law.

The decision of the Pak government

Meanwhile, Imran Khan thinks that the same can be done in the case of rape, just as in the case of murder, the crime is given on the basis of first, second or third category considering the purpose and type of crime. Punishment of the first category of crime – the rapist can be made impotent by chemical application. So that he does not dare to commit such heinous crime a second time while restraining himself.


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