There is a big match plan behind Dhoni batting so low, he said in his own words.

Bangla Hunt Desk: Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Mahendra Singh Dhoni) for several years, he has brought himself far below the batting order. However, many are surprised to see Mahendra Singh Dhoni's (MSD) batting position in the IPL this time. Especially his fans, who wanted to see a storm of Dhoni in the IPL this time are absolutely disappointed because this time Mahendra Singh Dhoni is coming to bat at number seven in the IPL. Before the first match against Mumbai, Dhoni dropped Jadeja and Sam Karan.

However, Dhoni showed his intelligence by sending Karan before him that day. Because Sam Karen paved the way for Chennai to win. But when Chennai Super Kings stood in front of the hill of runs against Rajasthan yesterday, when an experienced batsman is needed. Then why did he come to bat number 6 by sending Karan before himself? As a result, Chennai lost the match despite going close to winning. Now this question arises?

This time, former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni expressed his views in this regard. “I was out of the cricket field for a long time,” Dhoni said. I spent 114 days in quarantine. During this time I did not go down to the field with my bat. That’s why I see reason as an opportunity. Dhoni also said that there are several other plans in my head, the tournament has just started. So now is the time to experiment with all those aspects. That's why I try to understand my strengths and weaknesses by experimenting again and again.

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