The young woman grabbed the shark by the tail and dragged it to the shore. Netpara was surprised to see the viral video

BanglaHunt Desk / Viral Video: Shark means meeting death messenger, this is the common idea. But not all sharks are terrible. Again, sharks often have to pay for their own mistakes. A young woman returned a shark that had come to the beach by mistake to the sea. Viral video on social media.

The current era is the era of social media. Netizens share pictures or videos captured on smart phones through social media. And if that video goes viral, anyone becomes a hero or a villain overnight. This time a video of a father and son dancing has come to the fore on social media which has already caused a stir on social media.

The viral video shows the shark coming close to the beach due to the sea waves. He could not swim due to lack of depth. In this situation, the young woman grabbed the tail of the shark and started pulling it towards the sea. When a big wave comes, he releases the shark so that he can return to the sea without hindrance.

Indian forest worker Sushant Nanda shared this video on social media. As soon as the video came on social media, the commotion started in the net neighborhood. Netizens all praised the girl's courage and humanity. Sharing the video, Sushant Nanda writes, not all sharks are aggressive, a good girl did it to save the shark's life.

By the way, there are about 500 species of sharks in the world. Of these, only 30 species of sharks attack humans.


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