The young man sang 'Achcha Chalta Hu' in the hospital bed knowing that his death was certain

viral video: Every day thousands of videos go viral on the net. Just as some videos that go viral give us unadulterated pleasure, tears come to the corners of our eyes after watching many videos. Recently, a video of a young man's song went viral despite knowing of his certain death in a hospital bed. Seeing this, the residents of Net Para have become emotional.

Photo: Collected from the video

There are probably few Indians who have not heard Arijit Singh's song 'Achcha Chalta Hu Duame Mein Rakhna'. This song became very popular after its release. This time a young man said goodbye to the world by singing this song. Netizens can't hold back their tears after the video went viral.

Rishabh Dutt is the name of this young man who sang on guitar in the viral video. He was a resident of Assam in eastern India. He was admitted to a hospital in Bangalore with an incurable disease called aplastic anemia. He died on July 9, 2020. This is his last song before he died. Which brought tears to the eyes of netizens across the country at the moment.

The video went viral after it was posted via Sama Zik. So far, more than 12 million people have watched his video. Despite knowing the certain death, his love for this song has overwhelmed Netpara Everyone wished peace of mind to this young man. Check out this viral video

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