The UAE has signed a major agreement with India, which is on the verge of becoming the world's manufacturing hub

Bangla Hunt Desk: The Government of India is giving importance to Make in India. An agreement with the United Arab Emirates to build Caracal’s CAR 816 rifle for the Indian Army has been postponed. It was earlier decided that the rifle would be manufactured in India in association with a company in Kanpur, UAE.

Although two years have passed since the agreement, the current decision of the Indian government is that the rifle will be manufactured all over India, meaning that India is moving towards the implementation of the Make in India slogan. Accordingly, the company is coming to India from UAE.

Assault rifles will be made in India

After the deal was struck, the Caracal chief said that initially 20 per cent of the rifles were manufactured in India. But at present, their company is also ready to build 100 percent of India under the control of Make in India. Deals have been made with nearby companies. Although there was an agreement to buy this rifle in 2016, it has not been successful yet. However, with the ordering of 2 lakh assault rifles in 2016, it is estimated that India may need another 5 lakh rifles in the future.

The Indian Army will use the Make in INDIA rifle

As India needs more rifles, this time it will not be imported, powerful rifles will be manufactured in India under the control of Make in India. By this, Karakal realizes that India is no longer satisfied with 20 per cent of its domestic products, but is able to produce 100 per cent in India. Indian Army will use Make in INDIA rifles, not Made in UAE.

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