The teenager who sold his kidney to buy an iPhone is now fighting to the death

The famous Apple Apple iPhone (iphone), We often say that if you want to buy a product like iPad, you have to sell your kidneys. This time a young man really did just that. He sold his kidney to buy iPhone and iPad.

In 2011, 18-year-old Wang Shanggun sold his kidneys to buy an iPad 2 and an iPhone in Anhui, China. At the time the boy said that what is needed in two kidneys is the same when selling kidneys to buy an iPhone. Let me tell you, Shangun sold this kidney for ৭ 3,273. He was very excited to get an iPhone and an iPad.

Wang Shanggan is now 25 years old. At the moment this Chinese citizen is fighting to the death. He contacted Black Market Organ Parlor for the iPhone and iPod. After which she told the boy that she could earn হাজার 3,000 by selling her organs. Fascinated by Argon Padler's speech, the boy decided to sell the kidney and underwent surgery illegally. He sold his right kidney.

It is known that he is suffering from various complex problems at the moment. If it is not taken care of properly after the surgery, the infection spreads in the body. Now he has to go through dialysis every day. Surprisingly, the young man did not inform his family about the operation. Chinese police have arrested nine people since the incident became public.