The teenager sang along the boat, a flood of praise in viral videos on social media

BanglaHunt Desk: We don't know the exact number of talents that are scattered all over Bengal. Thanks to social media, many such talents are now getting enough respect and opportunities. Once again, viral on social media is a new talent. Netpara is fascinated by Baul songs with open throat.

The current era is the era of social media. Residents of the net neighborhood share any picture or video captured on a smart phone with the rest of the world. And because of that viral picture or video, anyone becomes a star or a villain overnight. Again, just like some videos and pictures make Netpara think, many posts make the mind feel good even in bad times.

The region of the video is not known. A netizen named Pankaj Das posted the video and wrote, Naeem, his house is next to mine. He is cultivating a good talent. Her dream is to do a lot with this song, but the lack of a platform. The video was captured last monsoon. In the video, it is seen that Khude is singing in gray shorts and colorful shorts. Hasan Raja's folk songs are difficult to navigate. She is singing which has gained praise through social media

Earlier, a video from the Srihatta (Sylhet) region of Bangladesh went viral. Where a 13-14 year old teenager is seen in a boat carrying passengers. He started the song “Bandhu Maya Lagaiche / Piriti Shikhaiche” with the oar in his hand. Probably a passenger of the boat made a video of that song. He later released the video on social media, which went viral.

Already, fans of the songs of this unknown teenager named Moinuddin are netting. A netizen shared the video, claiming he had seen the viral video at least 40 times, each time fascinated. Check out the viral video.


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