The speaker received death threats for protesting against France

Bangla Hunt Desk: Madhya Pradesh Speaker Rameshwar Sharma has been threatened for protesting against French President Emmanuel Macron. Tensions have risen in the political arena after the interim speaker of the Madhya Pradesh Assembly, Rameshwar Sharma, received death threats on social media.

A letter was written to the Commissioner of Police

The incident was taken seriously and it was demanded to increase the security of the speaker as well as take action against the accused. On Sunday, a letter was written to the police commissioner on behalf of the assembly secretariat. The letter said, “The speaker told the media that the protests that are being staged to intimidate the people of India by showing Islamic extremism should be carried out in France instead of here. Because the incident happened in France.

He also had to listen to death threats with offensive remarks on social media during the speech of the Madhya Pradesh Assembly Speaker. The letter further said, “It is requested that security measures be put in place for the speaker in the face of this threat on social media.” At the same time, strict action should be taken against the accused.

The speaker countered

Undeterred, Madhya Pradesh Speaker Rameshwar Sharma retorted, ‘I am a fan of Lord Ram. I'm not afraid of this kind of threat. “

Description of events in France

A teacher in France was beheaded for publishing a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad, the pioneer of the Muslim community. But President Emmanuel Macron refused to bow to the Muslim community in support of the teacher. The incident has sparked widespread tensions in France. There have also been terrorist attacks in several places.