The roof of the house collapsed and the meteor fell on the ground, the millionaire youth overnight

A coffin maker in Indonesia has become an incredible millionaire that you can't even believe. Joshua Hutagalung was working in a coffin outside his home in the town of Kolang when a 2.1kg meteor hit a tin porch outside his living room. The meteorite weighs more than 2 kg and is estimated to cost ৪ 1.4 million

The 33-year-old man dug up the soil in his garden and found the meteorite debris. “The noise was so loud that other parts of the house were shaking,” he said. I can see that the tin roof of the house is broken, ”he said in an interview with Indonesia's Compass newspaper. “When I picked it up, the stone was still hot.”

The meteorite is known to be Carbonaceous chondrite, a very rare species that is estimated to be 4.5 billion years old. It costs about ৬ 845 per village. With the money from the sale of this meteor, he will plan his retirement and build a church. She added that she wanted to give birth to a daughter. This meteor carries that good news to him.

Thomas Jamaluddin, head of Indonesia's National Aviation and Space Agency, told local media that it was rare for such a large portion to fall into a residential area. “Most of the meteorites fall away from settlements like the sea, forest or desert.”