The priest who woke up from the mummy said his last wish three thousand years ago!

The priest who died three thousand years ago woke up and spoke! No, not the story of any Hollywood movie like The Mummy Returns. This amazing event has been made possible by the wealth of science.

The most stunning civilization in the ancient world is Egypt. From pyramids, hieroglyphics to mummies, Egyptian civilization amazes us

The temple of Aman, the sun and wind god of ancient Egypt, was the cause of Thebes. Nasiyaman, the priest of that temple, died about 3,000 years ago today.

As usual, his body was kept as a mummy. This time he woke up with the wealth of science, he also expressed his last wish.

It is known that the mummy was rescued in 1823 and the visitors were arranged to visit the Leeds City Museum in England. Besides, research on mummy is also going on. By CT scan, scientists can find that the soft cells in the vocal cords of this mummy are intact. With the help of those cells and sophisticated 3D printers, it was possible to talk to him.

What did the priest say? The tone of the priest's voice that was recorded is extremely vague. Scientists have not yet been able to recover its meaning But they hope to know the meaning of this word in the near future to know the last wish of his life.

The study, published in the journal Scientific Reports last Wednesday, has already sparked interest. Scientists say the research will open up new aspects of science.

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