The picture of Raj-Shubhsree's intimate moment embracing her husband and kissing him is viral

BanglaHunt Desk: Since last September, social media has been on the social media with Subhashree Ganguly and Raj Chakraborty's son Yuvan. This little celebrity at the age of 2 months has already become. He has been competing with the popularity of his parents since he was born.

Now when you open Raj Shubhshree's Instagram handle, you will see only the picture of son Yuvan. The actress rarely shares pictures of herself since the birth of her child. In addition, Shubhshree is reluctant to take the risk of going out as there are small children in the house in Corona. But recently, after a long time, he went to hang out in a restaurant with his girlfriends.

This time Shubhshree shared some pictures of her private moments with her husband Raj with the fans. The actress was seen hugging Raj and kissing him on the cheek. Not only that, Shubhshree also shared a picture of Raj on his Insta Story. He also wrote, 'My handsome Raj Chakraborty'.

Incidentally, in a recent interview, director Raj Chakraborty said that he managed Yuvan for a while in the morning. At that time there were various stories about father and son. Raj tells all kinds of stories to Yuvan. The director said that even Gandhiji's story was told to little Yuvan.

Yuvan, the son of Raj Chakraborty and Shubhshree Ganguly, has made everyone his fans since he was born. The people of Netpara are now looking at this small diary. When you get a new picture of Yuvan from Raj or Shubhshree, there is a flood of like comments. Raj Shubhshree also shared new pictures and videos of Yuvan thinking about the fans.