‘The one who loves life’; The woman is feeding the squirrels with her own hands; Violent viral video

Viral video: In the age of social media, viral videos make us happy as well as teach us. Many things spread through social media are instructive. Just as some videos teach about our life struggles, some videos teach about human religions like kindness, Maya. Recently, such a video of human religion has gone viral on social media.

Gautama Buddha said, love for living beings is the real service. The heroic monk Vivekananda, a disciple of Tagore Ramakrishna, also said, “The one who loves the living is the one who serves God.” In the knowledge of Shiva, the service of life is a part of our eternal culture, which has not been completely destroyed even in the age of 21st century decay. So the proof is in the wealth of social media.

The 18-second video was posted on social media by Indian Forest Officer Sushant Nanda. The video shows a woman feeding bananas to a squirrel with utmost care.

Seeing the woodpecker running around in the street, he took out the banana. Then peel it and feed it to the squirrel by hand.

The video has gone viral since it was posted on social media. In a few hours, 18,000 net people have watched this video. More than 2,000 net people have already liked it. The praise box is overflowing with praise for that woman.