The next target is Bengal, Asauddin Waseer made a big announcement with the Congress in one hand

After the Bihar elections, the new target of the new politicians is Bangla. The AIMIM party has won 5 seats in Bihar. And after this victory, Asauddin Owaisi has made a big announcement. Asauddin Owaisi has announced that his party will contest the Assembly elections in West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh this time. Asauddin Owaisi's party did well in the Bihar elections, but the Congress and several media outlets called AIMIM a vote-rigging party.

Asauddin Owaisi objected to the word ‘vote cut’. Asauddin Owaisi said his party has the same right to contest elections as any other party. So AIMIM party does not cut anyone's vote but gets its own vote. Asauddin Owaisi said, we did not go to Madhya Pradesh, we did not go to Karnataka, then why did the Congress lose there?

Asauddin Owaisi has denied the Congress claim. Asauddin Owaisi has counter-attacked the Congress, saying that they are not getting along with the BJP, so he is making such comments and we are calling the party a vote-cutter. The AIMIM party has vowed to contest the West Bengal assembly elections.

Asauddin Owaisi said, we are coming to Bengal. We will go to Murshidabad, Malda, Dinajpur. Asauddin Waseer's party has shown good results in Bihar. Now AIMIM will come to Bengal and share in the minority vote? So the question arises.

AIMIM party spokesperson Mamata Banerjee said, “Our numbers may be less but we are atom bombs, don’t touch us. Didi, we are also acknowledging your enmity and friendship. Now you decide whether you think of us as friends or enemies. ” However, only time will tell which party will benefit when AIMIM comes to Bengal.