The minister is cleaning the toilet of the government office with his own hands, the picture is viral on social media

Bengali Hunt Desk: State Power Minister Pradhuman Singh Tomar visited the Moti Mahal building in the government office in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. When he got there, he was upset to see dirty rubbish all around. Then he started cleaning the toilet with his own hands. Minister Pradyumna Tomar of Shivraj Singh Chouhan's government in the state went to Moti Mahal on Friday to speak to the divisional commissioner. On his return, some female employees of the office complained to Minister Tomar Singh. They said that the toilets made for them in the office are not cleaned properly. Those toilets are very dirty, and people who go there will get sicker.

After receiving complaints from female employees, Minister Tomar Singh (Pradhuman Singh Tomar) went to the toilet of Moti Mahal. There he saw with his own eyes the deplorable condition of the toilet. He then sent for toilet cleaning materials and started cleaning the toilet himself. The minister advised the cleaning staff of Moti Mahal to maintain transparency without intimidation. He also instructed the officers to clean the toilets regularly.

However, he said that strict action would be taken against the concerned staff and officers if any further allegations were made in this regard. This is not the first time Minister Tomar Singh has done such a thing. Earlier, he saw a dirty sewer and started cleaning it himself.



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