The militants plotted to attack the capital, with little police protection

Once again, the militants plotted to attack the country's capital, Delhi. Two militants linked to Jaish-e-Mohammed were arrested in an operation on Monday night. Sources said that the Delhi Police had learned that the two militants had planned a major sabotage operation in the heart of the capital.

ঐ Both militants are residents of Jammu and Kashmir. They set up camp near Millennium Park on the outskirts of Delhi. They were caught by the Delhi Police around 10:15 pm. Two semi-automatic pistols, ten rounds of ammunition and 15 kg of ID explosives were recovered from them. The two militants were identified as Sanaullah Mir and Asraf Khan.

A few days ago, an intelligence report said that the jihadi group was using their slipper cells to kill Bengali politicians.

It is learned that an intelligence report has been submitted to the Home Ministry in this regard. Sources said in the report that the jihadi organization has already started brainwashing the youth of the minority community in Bengal. In order to assert their presence in India, they have hatched a big attack on Bengal. Activities are being run online from Karachi and Peshawar. The process of recruiting members is also going on.

Another report says there could be another militant attack in Mumbai. That is what the intelligence reports are saying. Multiple intelligence reports have claimed that a militant group was plotting a massacre in or around Dewali. At the same time they claim this attack could be in the air.


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